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Advair. COPD may be overcome.

According to reports of the pharmaceutical company “GlaxoSmithKline” and results of the broad clinical studies of Advair drug it has been mentioned that this drug has more effective action in comparison with other drugs for the treatment of COPD, and the survival index among patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is higher while using Advair.

Advair is a two-component medical drug for the treatment of the chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. The drug contains two active components: Fluticasone propionate and Salmeterol. Their mechanism of the action to the respiratory system differs but these two components successfully complement the pharmacological properties of each other and help to weaken the COPD symptoms and attendant diseases of the respiratory system.

Salmeterol is a bronchodilating medical product which beneficially differs from many identical drugs. It effectively and durably inhibits the release of the mast cell mediators such as histamine in the lung tissues and causes the longer bronchodilation in comparison with common agonists of the beta-receptors of the short-term action.

Fluticasone propionate is a classic glucocorticoid anti-inflammatory product. It reduces the intense inflammatory process and it allows to reduce the general frequency of the disease attacks and prevent the further obstruction of the respiratory tracts. Despite the fact that fluticasone propionate is a glucocorticoid product there is no increase of the hormone secretion of the adrenal cortex during the prolonged use of the drug. So, this drug provides a safe pharmacological action and may be used as the maintaining therapy in case of the chronic pulmonary obstruction.

Why is Advair the most important product in the treatment of COPD?
The medical research centers have already developed the classification of the factors of the COPD risk development. There are several main reasons of the development of the pulmonary obstruction but the most important ones are: external factors and mediators of the inflammation.

The external factors destroying the pulmonary factors are: smoking, respiratory pathologies connected with the professional activity, adenovirus infection, vitamin deficit, and air pollution. These factors cause the constriction of bronchi and bronchi are not relaxed under the permanent influence of the external factors, and they are in constant tension reducing the movement of air in the lungs.

The cells of inflammation also play a great role during COPD. The inflammatory processes take course quickly and have a negative influence on the recovery of the respiratory function. Therefore, the absence of the adequate treatment in time leads to severe pulmonary obstruction.

The therapeutic properties of Advair are directed at the fast and effective result, and therefore it contains Salmeterol which reduces the influence of the external factors, and Fluticasone which stops the inflammatory processes. Having examined the exact etiology of the COPD the scientists of “GlaxoSmithKline” have managed to develop the most effective product which removes the causes of the COPD and not just inhibits the symptoms.

The studies of the pharmacological action of Advair confirm the popularity of this drug among doctors and common people. This drug helps almost in 95% of cases and increases the level of the patients’ lives who have the pulmonary obstruction. It may be such severe diseases as bronchial asthma, lung hyperinflation, airway fibrosis, contracture of the smooth muscles of bronchi, and many other pathologies.

Advair will help to improve the respiratory system and relieve the patient’s life in all these cases.

Today absolutely any patient who suffers from the bronchial asthma or COPD can buy Advair online. The sales of this drug grow every year and “GlaxoSmithKline” company-manufacturer have managed to gather about 5 billion USD within 2013. It was rather difficult to buy this medicine several years ago because it was for sale only by the prescription. Now the offer is increased due to the appearance of the Internet pharmacies where it is possible to buy Advair online without prescription of the doctor. It is completely legal and useful. The matter is that many patient do not have an opportunity to see a doctor and get a prescription. The reason may be different factors. That is why they have to live without adequate antiasthma therapy. It is easier to buy Advair online. There is no need to take the doctor’s prescription, there is no need to go to the different pharmacies, and there is no need to pay the additional cost and overpay it.

Advair costs cheaper in online pharmacies because you do not overpay for the additional cost and taxes while buying this drug. Therefore, more and more people can buy Advair, and it means that more people with COPD will be able to increase the level of life, reduce the risk of the severe, irreversible pathology of the lungs, and the general level of the lethal outcomes because of the COPD will be reduced.

There are non-medical sources which state that it is impossible to defeat COPD and this disease will follow the patient the entire life. It is not right. If you buy Advair online in time and start the treatment of the COPD, you will be able to defeat this disease and have a deep breathe.

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International name: fluticasone, salmeterol.
Active ingredient: fluticasone, salmeterol.
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