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Bronchospasmodic syndrome is a chronic disease of the respiratory system that is characterized by the spasms of bronchial smooth muscles. This disease has a number of other pathologies that are very well known to all of us: bronchial asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and so on.

Bronchospasm have some very severe symptoms, such as asthma, dry cough, choking, and a chest pain. These attacks can be totally unexpected and if the person is not prepared, anything can happen. Often, patients fainted because of lack of oxygen. They must be urgently transported to the hospital.  And it can happen to everyone, as the practice shows that the percentage of people suffering from bronchial spasm is growing every year.

There are many different drugs that remove the symptoms of asthma, but as physicians report, one drug stands out among other medications, the drug is more effective than most of the known drugs. This drug is called Combivent.
Combivent includes just two powerful active ingredients: Salbutamol + Ipratropium bromide and this is the main advantage of Combivent. This drug has a bronchodilatory effect and despite the fact that each of the active substances has an individual mechanism of action, their main action is to relief of bronchospasm.

Salbutamol in its action is similar to epinephrine. It helps to expand the bronchial tubes, making it easier for breath when exercising.
Ipratropium bromide has a relaxing effect on smooth muscle of the respiratory system, reducing their response to various stimuli including allergens.
The combined effect gives more effective results in the treatment of bronchospastic syndrome, so doctors often prescribe Combivent.

Combivent is easy to take, as it is available as aerosol. Despite the fact that the product contains just two active substances, a short therapeutic effect is a disadvantage of Combivent. A single dose is enough for 8 hours, so the drug should be taken at least 4 times a day.

The optimal dosage of Combivent is 2 doses 4 times a day. An aerosol container contains about 10 mg of active substance, which is equivalent to 200 doses. In the treatment of the chronic form of bronchospasm, patients are advised to buy several bottles of the drug as treatment should be ongoing without intermission. If you skip the next dose, the overall therapeutic effect is reduced, which can lead to bouts of breathlessness. Buying several bottles of Combivent in a regular pharmacy can significantly reduce your budget, so you can buy a few bottles of Combivent online and get a discount to save money.

Many online pharmacies offer discounts when you buy multiple units of any product, so if you decide to buy Combivent online, you can save more money.

Long-term treatment with the drug Combivent will help to reduce the rate of recurrence of bronchospasm, alleviate the symptoms of asthma and COPD, breathing becomes clearer and you can forget about the hard times without Combivent. With prolonged treatment, the effectiveness of Combivent is not reduced, since it does not cause physical addiction. You only need to remember that you must carefully follow the dosing plan, as well as all the precautions that you can read in the instructions to the drug.

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Other brand names Duolin
Dosage form: Oral Inhaler (aerosol)
International name: Ipratropium/Salbutamol
Active ingredient: Ipratropium/Salbutamol
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