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As the practice shows, the treatment of bronchial asthma drags on long month and even years. It is a chronic disease of lungs which is hardly treated, and oftentimes, patients can reduce the quantity of the attacks and relieve the life. But only few of them can completely forget about the bronchial asthma because the asthma attack may catch the person at any time and it is impossible to foresee it.

To relief the symptoms of the bronchial asthma different aerosols are used which penetrate into the respiratory tracts and arrest the attacks. One of the most popular drugs for the prophylaxis of the bronchial asthma is Symbicort.

Symbicort is more active than other medical products because it contains two active components at once. Two active elements – Formoterol and Budesonide – provide the longer protection and also help during severe forms of the bronchial asthma where other drugs cannot cope with.

Both active components have different mechanism of the action. Formoterol is a bronchodilator which relaxes the muscle fibers of the respiratory system and does not allow them to contract closing the respiratory tracts. Budesonide shows the anti-inflammatory action and it helps to reduce the frequency of the asthma attacks.

Symbicort starts acting rather quickly. The relieved breathing occurs in 2-3 minutes after the inhalation and the maximal effect is gained in about 40-60 minutes. As this drug contains two active components at once it provides a very prolonged action. After the usage of the inhaler the therapeutic effect is kept within 12 hours. It is very convenient for people who have the active lifestyle and cannot follow time in order to take the drug every 5-6 hours.

Another advantage of this drug is that Symbicort may be used both for the urgent arrest of the attacks and for the prophylaxis of the chronic form of the bronchial asthma. Few drugs can effectively cope with two functions, and therefore Symbicort is recommended for the use during any forms of asthma and COPD.

As it was mentioned it is rather easy to use Symbicort. It is enough to use 1-2 inhalations 2 times a day (every 12 hours). Do not use the drug more than 2 times, if the situation does not need. If the asthma attacks appear often, consult a doctor. Perhaps you need to increase the daily dose. After the reduction of the disease relapses the frequency of the drug use may be reduced up to 1 time a day.

Before buying Symbicort online it is necessary to carefully study its contraindications and recommendations for the use. If you have an opportunity, see a doctor pulmonologist to get consultation. If you have no opportunity, you can consult a pharmacist of the online pharmacy. He/she will tell you how to buy Symbicort online and how this medicine should be used. Unlike many inhalation drugs for the treatment of the bronchial asthma

Symbicort is not recommended children under 6 years. It is not fully studies how the active components will interact in the child’s body, and therefore in order to reduce the risks of the side effects children are not recommended to use Symbicort.

Infectious or fungous diseases of the respiratory tracts may cause complications of the bronchial asthma, and therefore it is necessary to treat them in case of these infections, and then start taking Symbicort. 

Symbicort is rather safe drug which does not cause many side effects. The studies have shown that some patients may develop tachycardia, headache, cough, increase of the arterial pressure, and nausea. But these side effects are not dangerous for the patient.

Instructions for use

The patient should learn the rules of proper usage of the inhaler. Then, the needed dose of the medication is to reach the respiratory tract and the effect is to be maximal. It’s important to perform actions sequentially to achieve the required results.
Preparations for use

  • First, it’s necessary to unscrew and remove the cap.
  • Hold the inhaler the red batcher down. Turn the batcher fully into one direction, than fully into another (repeat twice). It’s prohibited to hold the inhaler by the mouthpiece during the procedure to prevent the damage to the device.
  • Unscrew and remove the cap.
  • Holding the inhaler in vertical position, the red cap down, alternately turn the batcher fully into both directions. You should hear a click during the operation.
  • Exhale deeply (just aside, not through the mouthpiece)
  • Bite the mouthpiece and clasp your lips on the mouthpiece to provide impermeability. Then the patient should take a deep and strong breath (breathe in only through mouth!)
  • Exhale only after the mouthpiece is removed from mouth.
  • If the doctor has administered more than one dose per procedure, repeat pt. 2 – 5 as many times as necessary.
  • Thoroughly tighten the cap, make sure that it&`s fixed properly.
  • Then rinse the mouth with water — don&`t swallow the water!


The taste of the powder is insensible, because the normal dose contains a very small amount of it. It&`s necessary to wipe the mouthpiece regularly with dry clean cloth. Remember, that it&`s fixed and can&`t be taken off the inhaler.
Indicator on the flacon shows the estimated number of remaining doses. When its background gets red, the new inhaler should be obtained, because only 10 doses remain. After the number 0 appears, the inhaler should be thrown out, and the new one should be used.

If during the therapy patient experiences the deterioration of health, nausea, vomiting, heart issues — contact the doctor immediately. Possibly, it&`s the adverse reactions that manifest rarely. The doctor should consider a change of medication for the therapy.

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Other brand names Duolin
Dosage form: Oral Inhaler (aerosol)
International name: budesonide
Active ingredient: micronized budesonide and micronized formoterol fumarate dihydrate.
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